The Fraser River Heritage Park – why it should be in your visitor’s list

There are some of the best tourist attractions you can find on your visit to the Mission City in BC. If you love adventure activities, there are spots for mountaineering, trekking and many more. Also, Mission city is best known for its restaurants that offer some delicious and mouthwatering food. You will be astonished by the food and you will not forget your first time unquestionably. However, one of the most visited places in the Mission City is the Fraser River Heritage Park. The park is the favorite destination for people who want to rejuvenate themselves in weekends and you will see the families enjoying picnics here and there in the park. Earlier, it was the home of St Mary’s Residential school, but nowadays, it is one of the best community parks in the city.

Fraser River Heritage Park is the perfect spot if you want to spend some quality time with the nature. It will be a perfect runaway from your hectic schedules and tiring engagements. All you need to do is to visit here and forget the world. Here is a list of reasons why Fraser River Heritage Park is the destination you should not miss during your visit to the Mission City:

Nature is calling you

When you will enter the park, you will be flabbergasted by the exceptional view of the Fraser River at one side and Mount Baker at another side. The natural environment and scenery will surely going to blow your mind. Even if you are alone, you will not feel so.

Picnic spots with shelters

If you are planning to arrange a picnic with your loved ones and confused about the location, Fraser River Heritage Park is the name you can consider definitely. There are many picnic spots you can find in the park with shelters and you can book them in advance too. The maintenance staff ensures that the spots are clean and hygienic. You can book the picnic spots for maximum 50 persons. It is the best place to celebrate small occasions like birthday, anniversary and promotion parties.

Concerts to fall in love with

Well, the Fraser River Heritage Park also organizes free concerts on every Wednesday and Friday night at the summer and you can attend them and give a push to yourself by immersing in the music. There are some amazing local talents you will be able to see there. Well, asking your spouse or friend here for a date is also a great idea. A great concern followed by the delicious dinner is what a date is all about, isn’t it?

Nearby destinations

There are some exceptional tourist spots that can add pleasure to your visit to the Fraser River Heritage Park. Restaurants like Blackberry Kitchen, U & I Thai restaurant and the Mission Station Grill will surely take care of your craving appetite. Also, there is a Clayburn Village, one of the best heritage villages in the area. The local Clayburn community has sustained the authentic feeling of the ancient village and you will have some best moments of your life.

Just visit the Fraser River Heritage Park today and have some best time of your life with the company of your loved ones and the nature.


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Top attractions near Fraser River Heritage Park Mission

Visiting a park is always a pleasure. Such places aim to provide the best to the visitors and take every possible measure to make sure that it happens. There are many parks which have been constructed to make sure that the best opportunities are provided to the visitors. Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission District British Columbia is one such park that has always provided the opportunity to its visitor to experience the nature closely. The best part is that the park not only provides attractions within but is located centrally near National Railway Avenue. People visiting this park have rated it high and it is all because of the maintenance staff there. Some top attractions which are located nearby are:

Mission Station Grill

It is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the Mission District. On the basis of food, service, value and atmosphere there the ratings given to this awesome restaurant is high. There are 4 cuisines which are offered by the grill mainly American and Canadian. A bar and pub are also situated here which makes the ambiance more stunning. Some additional highlights include wheelchair accessibility, parking, reservations, and highchairs on demand. For 6 days a week, this awesome place is always flooded with people due to best services offered.

U & I Thai Restaurant

If the visitors to Fraser Park are vegetarians then this park is a boon for them. Four major cuisines are offered here i.e. Asian, Thai, Vegan Options and Vegetarian Family. However, the only drawback is the fact that lunch and dinner are served here. The place is worth giving a shot for families with children as there are numerous kids friendly activities offered. The restaurant also serves alcohol and take out option can also be selected.  Each location of the restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

Clayburn Village

If the visitors to Fraser Park want a nostalgic feel then Clayburn village is the best place they should visit. It is located at the foot Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada. For over a century this place has been secluded and therefore attracts the visitors in every possible manner. There Clayburn communal society has also been working here to ensure that the original shape of the village remains. The village is visited by tourists from all over the world. The two most important attractions here are Clayburn village and Church built respectively in 1912 and 1907.

Westminster Abbey

It is one of the top things to do in the district of Mission. It is a community of monks which have been settled here since 1939. If a tour of this place is planned then it is advised to at least stay for one day here. The activities performed here cannot be viewed in less time. The overall calmness of the place is awesome and here one can explore the nature with ease. Abbey farm and Fraser River can be seen from this spot as it is a vantage point.

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