Beautiful history of Mission Town

Mission town in Canada, like many other similar towns, started as a mere promotion for a land. The great land sale in 1891 witnessed a lot of the town’s commercial properties in addition to major streets sold off to interested buyers from all over the globe. The CPR train Mainline originating from Vancouver which stretches as far as Eastern Canada was the point of entry for these buyers. The regional chamber of commerce was founded on the 19th of June, 1893 by the New Yorker, Harry Brown French.

Where it all started from

The town is popularly known as Mission town, Canada, started as a mere land promotion. Right about the time when the mission town was being founded, the rail line which connected Vancouver and the United States had to be routed through Mission. Mission is the sixth largest municipal in the District of Columbia region.

Mission was once upon a time the heart of the berry industry. As the slogan on Mission goes, ‘home of the big red strawberry’. This was the base of the berry industry between the 1930s and 1940s.

The mission government was initiated in 1892. In 1922, the district of Mission started its metamorphism through a string of changes from district to the village of Mission to the village of mission city, to the town of Mission city, and finally became amalgamated in 1962 with the district of the plebiscite.

The western section of Mission which is popularly known as Stave Valley is majorly rural as well as heavily afforested. Its flowing watercourse once served as a project for hydroelectric in the British of Colombia just till the bridge power project in 1961. This hydroelectric supply was meant to feed the electric strut line and the Vancouver joint urban system.

The development of Highway 1 freeway caused a lot of distraction for Mission as a lot of people migrated to neighboring towns with shopping malls and a host of other advantages which Mission did not possess at that point. This decentralized process fastened up the construction of a bridge in Mission connecting the other side of the river. This bridge was completed during the 1970s period of time.

Steelhead is the northernmost part of the town. It usually serves as a relaxation center for journalists and press communities. Noticeable local communities such as Hatzic, Cedar Valley as well as the Femdale share the same gaming feature with their mixed origin.

Just before World War 2, a Japanese-Canadian partnership got involved in the production of berries, milling, logging and fishing from the river.

The economy was based on forestry, agriculture and hydroelectricity. These were the chief resources entry point into the system. With an increase in technology and the development of different transportation methods, the recent trade has expanded far larger than just the forestry, agriculture and hydroelectric sector.

In 1976, Mission got its very first indigenous Olympic silver medalist. Also, in 1988 Eden Donatelli won the short speed skater award in the Olympics. These are but few achievements that have emerged from the great city of Mission.

The municipal has gone through different phases of growth and development. From it being a connecting village between Vancouver to the United States to the modernized town it is today. Mission is a good place with a decent population and a lot of promises yet to be offered to the world.