Popular tourists affairs in Heritage Park

Mission City is an amazing location deep down in the heart of British Colombia, Canada. Located on the north side of the Fraser River, the scenery is always breathtaking, astounding and always surprising. With a population of 38,833, there are plenty of attractions in the area for which the city is notorious. And if the scenery will not convince you to put this location on your travel destination list, then maybe the amazing locals and mouth-watering food will.

However, one of the most preeminent attractions that you can find here in the Fraser River Heritage Park. Notorious especially amongst individuals with a deep connection with nature, the park brings those trying to relax for a weekend as well. Most frequently, you will notice that it is filled with families having a picnic and enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the company of their loved ones. Although previously the park was the home of St Mary’s Residential school, nowadays it is one of the biggest attractions in the city. Today there are many ways how to disconnect from hectic and busy lifestyle. Somebody loves to visit parks, goes for a picnic or somewhere out of town and if you are game player you can try one of the favoured sources like Casino Valley Canada (https://casinovalley.ca) listing website and choose online casino for your liking. Although there are still a lot of people who love to spend their time in such a beautiful park like this.

And when it doesn’t provide the perfect relaxation means, the park is an astounding entertainment center. Two times a week during the summer, on Wednesday and Friday nights, the park is hosting concerts. Some local talents will surely tickle your fancy since the town is well-known for its flourishing cultural and artistic profile. And while attendees have the opportunity to enjoy the local talents, some authentic food will also be available, in an atmosphere that enclosures an archaic feeling.

If attending a concert is not very well aligned with your need to relax, then you must know that you will have the freedom to relax undisturbed in nature’s proximity. The view will most certainly astound you, as you will have on one side the Mount Baker and on the other the Fraser River. You will notice numerous individuals that choose to walk along the park’s alleys, guided by nature itself.

Fraser River
Fraser River

Solitude may not be your cup of tea, but maybe a picnic is. And luckily, the Fraser River Heritage Park has plenty of sheltered picnic spots, where families or groups of friends can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the presence of their loved ones. And maybe the best thing is that they don’t have to worry about unstable weather conditions, light showers or even worse. Also, you must know that all these spots are well-maintained and most importantly, highly hygienic. Luckily, these picnic spots can be booked in advance, so you can always be sure that you’ll have your spot during the desired interval.

And while in Mission, make sure to visit several other touristic hot spots. We mentioned few of them in the previous post. Xá:ytem, one of the most notorious archaeological sites in British Columbia is hosting artefacts of an impressive age, being approximately 5,000 years old. Also, make sure to put on your list the Mission Museum and learn something about the local history.