What is new in Mission?

Located in the province of British Columbia it the Mission city is a popular tourist attraction. It was incorporated into the country in the year 1892. Fraser River is a very popular destination which is visited by hundreds of people each year. It is a very small city with 30000+ people so everyone knows each other. Like any other city, it is full of events, news, and gossips. Heading north within the city there lies Mount Robie Reid which is again visited by people from all over North America. Forestry and the hydroelectric power are the main sources of income for the people. The wood related stuff has dominated almost every sector of the city. It has a very cool and calm ambiance and therefore a place worth giving a shot.

Ride for Kids

This Mission-based organization is known for helping the children that are terminal. It rides on bicycles this Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the organization. It is highly regarded by the local community to help the children. A total distance of 160km was traveled from Langley to Sardis and back. About 60 participants were there to make sure that the funds which are raised go to the hospice of children. The organization began in 2007 and since the very first day, it has offered thousands of dollars to different charitable trusts all over Canada. Initially, the organization was named as the ride for hope. In 2015 it changed the name to Ride for Kids. The recent anniversary celebration of the organization marked a new milestone.

Illegal vehicle parking at Cultus Lake

Illegal vehicle parking at Cultus Lake

Formerly the illegal vehicle parking at the Cultus Lake was let go without any fine and just a mere warning. Things are about to change as all such vehicles will get the boot and will be fined heavily. The resident only areas of the lake have reported immobilization which is caused by the wrong parking. There are certain emergency accesses surrounding the lake which are used for an exit in case of any mishap. There are many vehicles which were parked at the emergency exit point. Starting from June 29, 2018, these vehicles will be towed to the local police station. The owners can have them once the fine has been paid. Illegal parking is a problem which will be eliminated by strict actions by the local police.

Randy Hawes for Mayor

Randy Hawes for MayorThe municipal elections will be held in October 2018. Randy Hawes who is the current mayor of the city will be contesting the election once again. The election campaign has been started by Randy and he has started reminding the people of Mission that he has always kept the interest of the city first. He has also coached the local hockey and baseball teams. There is a very long list of endeavors which have been passed under his legislation. The Mission has improved a lot under his leadership and this is also his current election slogan. The downtown has been lifted with a massive amount of $3.5 million which is also his government initiative.